Assisted Buying

We handhold you through your entire SaaS procurement journey

By personalized and expert buying assistance, you save time and money and get on with strategic tasks like growing the company.

Smart SaaS Vendor Negotiation

No more blind contract renewals. Unlock useful insights for smarter vendor negotiations. Get financial, usage, and contract info at your fingertips so you can smartly negotiate with your SaaS vendors. 
Our SaaSMap gets you 360° intelligence on your SaaS vendor’s funding, reviews, customers, compliance posture, and competitors to make informed choices.

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Templatized & Readymade RFP

Ever wonder what to ask the vendor? What your peers are asking? Drafting an RFP with specific inputs from your department heads can take a lot of effort and time. 
We fast-track the software RFP process with readymade templates personalized to your business needs and software category.

Negotiate Like An Expert

How do you ensure that you’re getting the right deal after zeroing on a SaaS vendor? There are several variables like the number of licenses, plan, usage needs, subscription duration, etc., that impact the cost. 
Our proprietary technology helps you negotiate the top deal and get the best bang for your buck.

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