Saved On-Call Alerting software cost by 70%


One of our customers was using Pagerduty for on-call schedule management and alerting, but dropped it as they found it to be expensive for their specific use case. They use artificial intelligence and augmented reality to connect blind people to highly trained, remotely-located agents. As their business is solely dependent on this agent service, they need an economical alternative to get the right people on to the issues in real-time.

How CloudEagle helped

We scanned our database of 150,000 applications to find three cheaper alternatives to Pagerduty but still fulfilling all their use cases. The three alternatives recommended by our platform are Opsgenie, Zenduty, and Squadcast.

The platform compared the tools along the lines of features like alerting and notifications, raising alerts via text/phone, on-call management, and scheduling.

The platform also presented finer details of the three tools, like advantages and disadvantages, customers similar to target industry and employee size, relevant case studies, integrations, etc. 

CloudEagle platform also scanned through 10M reviews and presented reviews from similar customers who had switched from Pagerduty to another incident management software. This highlighted that there were other customers looking for alternatives as well and captured their experiences – how easy or tough the migration was, what blockers they faced, etc.

The platform also compared the different pricing plans of three tools and highlighted the most suitable plan for the customer.

What did the customer do?

The customer chose Zenduty and saved up to 70% of the cost they were earlier spending for Pagerduty. In addition to being more affordable, compared to other tools, Zenduty has custom routing rules and a frictionless path to incident resolution.

The customer saved tons of time in searching for a more affordable alternative to Pagerduty. 

With the insights CloudEagle provides, they felt less overwhelmed by all the options and better prepared to make an informed decision.

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