How a leading tech company slashed their bug tracking software cost by 90%


Most of the users on JIRA were “watchers” rather than active contributors to bugs. The customer was looking for a cost-effective alternative for their bug tracking needs to optimize return on their investment and if possible the savings be used for other software needs.

How CloudEagle helped

The platform presented a detailed comparison of bug tracking tools in the market, outlining the vendor’s pros and cons, current customers, integrations, pricing, etc specific to the customer’s problem statement. A detailed pricing report was also generated that showed the different pricing tiers for bug creator, maintainer, watcher, etc.


CloudEagle platform was able to scan through 10M reviews and present reviews from similar customers who had switched from JIRA to another bug tracking software. This highlighted that there were other customers looking for alternatives as well and their experiences, how easy or tough the migration was, what blockers they faced, etc.

What did the customer do

The customer moved from JIRA to and transitioned the majority of their “watcher” users to lower priced seats. The bug tracking bill went from $70,000 to $7,000. And the customer saved weeks of research time on review and vendor websites by using our platform. This helped free up time to do more strategic tasks.

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