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    We Guarantee Savings or Your Money Back reports $30bn wasted in unused software,
    mostly from company’s non-core apps

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      We’ll do it for you or our AI Platform takes care of your SaaS needs - we’ve got you covered.



      We’ll do it for you

      BUY & RENEW at the best price

      • Make use of CloudEagle buyers equipped with insights for all the contracts you don’t have time for.


      • Dedicated IT and Procurement teams provide you alerts on better SaaS app and price availability or unused licenses.

      DISCOVER best apps for you

      • Get personalized app recommendations based on your SaaS stack. Save time while vendor research and purchase approvals get done for you.
      Self-serve AI Platform


      • Connect with vendors, send RFPs, negotiate using CloudEagle insights and get access to pre-negotiated discounts.


      • Get approval from multiple departments for any buying/renewal through CloudEagle’s workflow.


      • Get visibility into any new app your team is exploring OR free apps getting traction within teams


      • Track how your team is using the applications

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      Got question? We're here to help!

      Our experienced SaaS buying executives will buy and renew apps at the best prices because we have the largest benchmarking data and CloudEagle’s platform continues to provide automated cost saving recommendations.

      We guarantee we’ll save you 1x-3x more than we cost. If we don’t save you money, we’ll pay you the difference.

      Your procurement team should be working on strategic SaaS deals and not be spending time on every single of the 200+ app contracts in your company. It’s not scalable. This is where CloudEagle comes in and becomes an extension of your procurement team. So we take care of the SaaS contracts  where you don’t have the time for.

      Most other companies are leading with a services model which is not scalable neither for you nor them. We are a product-first company where our platform provides SaaS saving recommendations within a few minutes of connecting your system. Instead of spending hours in looking for what applications you have in contracts, emails and spreadsheets, our platform has automated all these and saves you countless hours during onboarding and ongoing basis.

      We have the largest benchmarking data which can get you the best price. Our platform provides SaaS saving recommendations within a few minutes of connecting your system instead of you spending hours trying to figure out your SaaS stack and current spend. A pure services company may miss out on contract renewal reminders or minute negotiation leverage points for the 200+ apps, but our platform doesn’t.

      Yes – it’s possible to only use the platform. You can always request for our “Assisted buying” if you need help with contracts where you don’t have the time for. If you want to use our self-serve model with the platform, you can use it independently. Many of our customers have already saved thousands of dollars just using our platform. If you want to use our services, the platform is included in the pricing. We will definitely use the CloudEagle platform since it does half of the job in providing great ongoing recommendations on how to save. To act on the recommendations, our services team will be on it.
      No – CloudEagle’s platform is a holistic SaaS researching, buying and management platform. You won’t need a separate platform for these.
      Yes – You can just use CloudEagle to negotiate with your vendors.
      You can track every request through our procurement workflow – who is it waiting on, what is the current status.
      We take care of everything like vendor research, internal approvals, negotiation until the PO is generated. You can continue to use your current PO and bill payment software.
      2 simple things to get started. One 30 mins meeting to understand your immediate buying and renewal needs. Ongoing biweekly 30 minute sync to be your extended IT Procurement team.
      No – we charge a flat rate price. This means that if we save you $80,000 you get to keep it, instead of us taking $40,000 from it.

      One application for the entire company to research and procure SaaS