CloudEagle vs Vendr

Our dedicated SaaS buyers get their super powers from our AI powered procurement and research platform
CloudEagle vs Blissfully



No manual entry of vendors and apps required
Feature ComparisonCloudEagleVendr
Time to onboard2-3 hours1 month
Doubles as a SaaS management platform
In-built software research platform (Better than G2 and personalized than Gartner)
Pre-negotiated vendor discounts
Pre-filled RFP templates
Prevent duplicates apps from getting bought
Cross team buying and renewal workflow
Automated onboarding

Customer Testimonials

Pratibha Mehta

CloudEagle’s SaaS recommendations and unique vendor insights helped us get a 50% discount, even with an existing vendor.



Pratibha Mehta

Head of Operations, Falkonry
Troy Otillio

CloudEagle does what we struggled to do before, and we tried several players in the space. Has saved us a lot of time & money, so we can focus on strategic tasks. 

aira rgb

Troy Otillio

CEO Aira
Chad Lockey

It’s a great collaboration tool between IT & Finance for managing SaaS apps. Anytime an employee uses a new application or buys a new vendor, I get notified right in my inbox.

Heath Ceramics

Chad Lockey

IT Manager, Heath Ceramics

One application to buy and manage the rest