How It Works?

AI-Powered SaaS Research and Procurement Platform

How Does It Work?

We help companies scale by making fast and informed software decisions.

Our vision is to empower organizations to harness the “best value” out of their software stack.

We make this happen by helping IT managers and procurement teams get instant visibility into their existing stack and draw insights on consumption, redundancy, and other crucial parameters. Our AI-powered SaaS discovery engine allows IT managers to seamlessly research a data-rich repository of 100K+ apps, make intuitive comparisons, and start building their dream stack with our special “intelligent purchase” assistance!

Our proprietary SaaS procurement technology makes this happen by integrating vendor research, smart vendor management & negotiation, contract management, spend optimization & much more in a single, unified platform.

We are into the business of making software procurement a cakewalk for you!

SaaS Buying in 3 Steps

Connect Your System or Excel

Connect your Single Sign-On (SSO) and finance systems and get instant visibility into the SaaS vendors and usage.

Get Personalized Recommendations

Based on your SaaS stack & spend, we provide spend optimization opportunities, you get leverage to right-size your costs.

Leverage Data-Assisted Buying

Our database of 100k applications and expert community help you get the right SaaS app faster and at the right price.

Connect With All Your Accounting and Single Sign-on Systems

Need Help in Buying the Right Software?

Join us to empower your company with smart decisions on SaaS Procurement