Manage SaaS vendors

Replace your vendor spreadsheet which gets outdated and is hard to manage.

CloudEagle lets you manage all your SaaS vendors through a single dashboard so you get complete,
real-time visibility into the spend, renewals, usage, and actionable insights.

Automated SaaS Vendor Discovery

Discover all the apps your company uses whether it is in your accounting system or expense systems. We show all your apps on a single dashboard so you can get rid of spreadsheets that get outdated in a few weeks. 
CloudEagle offers you a single source of truth for all your SaaS vendors across your company that is up-to-date all the time.

1 Smart Vendor SaaS Discovery
2 SmartVendor_AutoCategory

Automatically Categorize Apps

Ever wondered what a particular SaaS vendor does? With several apps and multiple subscriptions, you may face challenges in understanding their purpose & utility.
We use machine learning to automatically categorize your apps so you can understand at a quick glance what the app does and what purpose it serves.

IT Doesn’t Have To Do It All

Modern IT is a team sport that works best with strong collaboration between teams & departments. 
CloudEagle gives your departments and business units visibility and autonomy to manage their SaaS vendors, budgets, and spend. So, you aren’t managing everything alone.

3 SmartVendor_Team
4 SmartVendor_VendorInfo

360° SaaS Vendor Intelligence

Know everything about your SaaS vendors – be it compliance certifications, funding information, or competitors. With a centralized platform of SaaS vendor information, augment your business intelligence.

Get Notified of Contracts Renewals

Keeping track of renewals and notice periods is tough. Get notified about contract renewals in your inbox with enough time and relevant insights to renegotiate or look for newer options.

5 SmartVendor_ContractRenewal
5 Smart Vendor Published Documents

Store Your Contracts in One Place

We know that handling 100+ contracts and invoices is a messy and unproductive task. CloudEagle brings all contracts and invoices in one place for easy access. No more trying to dig contracts and invoices out of employees’ inboxes or shared folders.

Extract Important Information From Contracts

Are you missing crucial contract information like contract renewal date, billing frequency, or auto-renewal?
We extract all the contract metadata so you can figure out which vendors are on auto-renewal and what the payment terms are – all on a single dashboard, making it easy to keep track of all your SaaS vendor information. 

6 SmartVendor_Contract Info

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