About Us

Our mission is to help Finance, Operations and IT teams save on
software spend, streamline the renewal and buying process.

Our Story

While working at companies like Box, Airbnb, ServiceNow we saw how 30-40% of the spend is unattended and non-negotiated. 100+ employee companies have more than 200+ apps, Finance, IT teams are struggling to keep up. They don’t have the bandwidth, tools, data, or expert help to do it on their own. Net result, companies tend to overspend 20-30% on their software spend and have very little negotiation leverage with vendors.

Hence we started CloudEagle to help Finance, Procurement and IT teams to get visibility into their software spend, save on it spend and streamline their buying and renewal process. Essentially take away the painful tasks of managing software vendors and optimizing cost, so they can focus on growing their business.

Why we chose the name CloudEagle

We chose the name CloudEagle to signify Eagle’s sharp vision. Just as nothing escapes an Eagle’s sharp vision, similarly, CloudEagle looks over all your applications, spend, usage and our AI engine and humans work round the clock to get you the best price for the best product. GUARANTEED!!

Backed by several top tier investors

About Us

Our mission is to help companies grow faster by making the right software buying decisions.

Having felt the pain of finding the right vendors and negotiating optimum terms at companies like Goldman Sachs, Box, Airbnb, ServiceNow, Intuit, and Oracle, we wanted to help IT teams and SaaS buyers make the right software decisions. We believe making a data-backed software buying decision upfront will help companies grow faster, optimize their software spend and save hours in change management down the line.

Software procurement challenges hamper your company’s growth, impact competitive edge, and waste valuable resources.

CloudEagle helps companies save on their software spend by highlighting cost optimization opportunities and help them in negotiating with their SaaS vendors. Our goal is for customers to buy faster, spend smarter.

Nidhi Jain, CEO & Founder

20+ years of experience in researching and negotiating with SaaS vendors at companies like Goldman Sachs, Box, Intuit, and ServiceNow.

Prasanna Naik, CTO & Co-Founder

10+ years of experience in building and launching highly complex products at companies such as Airbnb, Oracle Cloud, Riverbed and Cisco.

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