Optimize the Spend

Wouldn't it be great, if you got automatic alerts for unused or underutilised apps?

CloudEagle works like your second brain, giving you real-time actionable insights on your vendors, redundant subscriptions, and actual usage.

Identify Low-Usage Apps

Ever wonder which department is using the app or not, who’s a heavy user, or who’s not logged into the app in the past 3 months? Quickly bubble up the low-usage apps and de-provision users that have not logged in for some time to optimize your software spend.

1 Optimize_Low Usage
2 Optimize_Duplicate

Find Duplicate Apps

Wouldn’t it be great to spot two departments buying the same app and consolidate the user licenses so you can get better pricing from the vendor? We alert you of these situations so you can standardize your organization on company-wide apps where possible.

Locate Unused Subscriptions

A department head or user may take a SaaS subscription and later switch over without canceling the old subscription. Likewise, a free trial may convert into a paid subscription if not canceled on time, adding to your software expenses. We detect unused apps well in advance to spare you the unwanted costs.

Unused App
4 Optimize_Catalog

Application Catalog

Employees can access a full list of apps that they can or should have access to. Request a new app or access an existing app with a single click of a button to increase employee productivity and usage.

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